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By this website, I would like to invite you to get to know the genus of Goniurosaurus better. My name is Markus Schröter and I discovered the passion for Goniurosaurus in 2004. One day, a friend gave me the book “Ratgeber Gecko”. When I was looking at it reading through every page, I found a picture of Goniurosaurus. I immediately was fascinated by those creatures due to their red eyes and their different colors. In that very moment I knew I had to have these geckoes. I called my friend Marco and asked him whether he knew anything about them. His response made me happy: He told me that he himself owned a couple of exemplars of Goniurosaurus araneus. I asked: “Could I possibly have some?” He agreed and two weeks later I picked them up, one male and two females.



Goniurosaurus araneus, 5 months old


The geckos I got were 18 months old and very soon they laid some eyes. Shortly after this successful investment, I got Goniurosaurus hainanensis, Goniurosaurus luii, and Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi. During the first year, I gained very good experience with those geckoes and I had much fun breeding them. But there were still those Japanese geckoes. Due to the fact that everything went so well, I got Goniurosaurus splendens in 2005. My friend Marco brought me four young geckoes he bought in Hamm. I took good care of them and so they grew up very well. I gained more knowledge about those geckoes and so I tried to get the other species from Japan. But I realized very soon that this was not that easy at all.



Goniurosaurus splendens, 8 months old


However, I was very lucky and in 2006 I had the opportunity to import Goniurosaurus orientalis, Goniurosaurus kuroiwae, and Goniurosaurus yamashinae. When picking up the geckoes from the airport, my heart was beating so fast due to excitement. And then in 2007, something happened I had never really expected. I was offered Goniurosaurus toyamai. During a scientific investigation concerned with the numbers of exemplars of Goniurosaurus toyamai which have survived on the island of Iheya, only 30 animals were found. So now I hope that within the coming years I will breed them with success.


a Goniurosaurus luii comes from the egg


I hope you have much fun by looking at my website. I really hope I can get more people to be interested in that genus.





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